Cover Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers:

When I signed up for Composition 101 I was unaware that I would have to put together a portfolio of my work to be later assessed by others. Once I found out I became a bit nervous and uneasy. I love to write, but I usually do not let many people see my writing until it is perfected, which for me is after months of editing. I have always feared my ADHD interfered with the organization of my writing, so I would always go over it many times before I shared it with people, unless I had to rush for school. When I do have to rush for school I feel it may not be as good.

I write from emotion. If I do not have an opinion on a subject I will not write about it. My emotion and opinions are the driving force behind my writing. I need to be inspired and dedicated. While my writing tends to be passionate, I struggle with the organization of my written thoughts. I blame my ADHD. On some of my essays, I have to write out bullet points to keep the flow of my papers clean. I learned this trick in this current class.

The first piece of writing I am going to provide is the first essay written in Composition 101. The assignment was a memoir based on one of the three topics given, curiosity, creativity, or persistence. I chose to write about the persistence I have as is struggle with social anxiety. It also is about how my social anxiety kept me from attend college for a few years after high school. The piece gives a little history on my life struggles and past troubles in school.

My second essay is branched off my first essay. For the assignment we had to take the topic we chose for our first essay and form a question to answer in a more researched based essay. The question I wrote about was “What are the differences and similarities between physical and psychological persistence?”  This essay gave me the opportunity to back up my opinion with research. It was a bit hard for me to cut out a lot of my thoughts and replace them with researched based facts.

The last essay I have is an annotation paper. This was the hardest essay for me to write since it was purely fact and researched based. This essay gave me a chance to work on getting great sources instead of mediocre ones. It was one of the last papers I wrote in Composition 101 and I feel it made me work the hardest.

I hope you enjoy my essays. I worked extremely hard on them and despite not having months to edit them, I am pleased with the outcome. I hope you are as well. Than you for your time.

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